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Handmade jewelry and gifts - each piece intentionally unique - to satisfy the individual taste.

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Quality crafted from semi-precious gems, stones, pearls and beads, sterling silver and gold. From the simplest of pieces to more complex, from fun to casual to career. Whatever your preferences are, you will find what you're looking for here.

A note from Laura

I have always loved unique jewelry but could never find a quality product at an affordable price. So when I began designing my own pieces, my goal was to provide quality at great prices. So began Jewelhut - jewelry for the rest of us.

I take pride in selecting the best in turquoise, coral, freshwater pearls and the many other stones and materials to ensure you get the finest piece of jewelry that I can create. Knowing that it may become someone's favorite, gives me the inspiration to make each piece a unique and distinctive keepsake that can be passed from generation to generation and still be worn and not boxed away somewhere.

When one of my pieces is a gift for a special friend or a loved one, I am so proud that I am able to make something that someone is willing to present to that person. I enjoy the challenge of designing custom pieces and enjoy the expressions when they are presented. Wire wraps have become a real passion for me. The stones literally wrap themselves.

The Salvation Series came about from the death of my father. I had seen Salvation Bracelets, but they were all very similar, so I have designed an entire series of jewelry and gifts that carry the salvation theme in a wide range of prices that fit everyone's budget.

I hope you find something here that you really like, or request a special piece for yourself or that special someone so that I can keep creating - jewelry for the rest of us.


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